Kimono Marche in Matsumoto

Kimono Marche in Matsumoto

About “Kimono Marche in Matsumoto”

There is a big event of Kimono called “Kimono Marche in Ueda” held in Ueda City and we are very exciting to let you know that we have launched a similar event in Matsumoto City, too!
“Kimono Marche in Matsumoto” is inheriting the way and main concepts of Ueda City with three dispersed main venues; (Venue 1) Photo Spot at Matsumoto Castle (Venue 2) Learning Spot at Shinmai Media Garden and (Venue 3) Shopping Spot at Kami Yakata Shimayu and others.

The very memorial first event in 2019, will be held at these places at the same date and time. Let’s walk around the city wearing KIMONO at Matsumoto City!

Venue 1 【Photo Spot】 Matsumoto Castle
Matsumoto castle is the best location for taking a picture!
Let’s take a commemorative photo with Kimono as background against Matsumoto Castle♪

Venue 2 【Learning spot】 Shinmai Media Garden
In the 1F Hall, we are planning lectures by inviting craft artists and craftsmen’s workshops and celebrities.

Venue 3 【Shopping spot】 Kami Yakata Shimayu
We will hold a flea market with the theme of “WA” (“和“).
You might find a bargain!

We are also planning an event to wear kimonos in these three places and walking around the city with kimonos.
Please come and join to “Kimono Marche in Matsumoto” and spend all day with kimonos, let’s enjoy of making such a special day!
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Kimono Marche in Matsumoto

Organizer: Kimono Marche Matsumoto Executive Committee
Co-organizer: MG Press, Kami Yakata Shimayu Co., Ltd.
Sponsorship: Matsumoto City, Matsumoto Chamber of Commerce, Union of Matsumoto Shopping District
Planning and Co-operation: Itotoyoshi

Main Contact and Office: Kami Yakata Shimayu Co., Ltd.
Zip Code: 390-0874
Nagano Prefecture, Matsumoto City, Ote 2-4-25
Phone: +81 263 35 1000 [Japanese Only]
Biz Hour 10:00-18:30
Fixed Holiday: Wednesday

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